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Linda Welde, MS founded Training For Results in 1995. She is responsible for managing critical client relationships, assessing business needs, analyzing processes and collaborating with clients to establish quantitative goals. Linda has developed numerous executive leadership development programs designed to bridge the gap between learning and doing.  

For more than 20 years, Linda has worked with clients from a rich variety of industries including pharma, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare. Linda’s gift is in process improvement - accomplishing more with fewer resources and streamlining services and processes.  Linda has demonstrated how training and change initiatives can improve the client’s bottom-line and increase market share. 

Clients have included: Vanguard Financial Services, Advanta Leasing, Barclay Bank, International Paper, Kebbler, and Cabrini College. 

Prior to starting Training For Results, Linda held a senior HR position at Tokai Financial Services, She also holds a Masters of Training and Organization Effectiveness.  With a passion for helping clients reach their potential, Linda never fails to leave a memorable and lasting mark on those who meet and work with her.


Tanya Powell, MBA is VP of Sales and Marketing at Training for Results. She is responsible for designing and implementing organizational strategies for client companies in a variety of industries including, financial services, manufacturing healthcare and non profit agencies.

With more than 20 years of experience in leadership education and performance management strategies, Tanya has developed and implemented many long-term projects for a number of companies including: Canon Financial, Philadelphia Health Management Corporation, and Deloitte and Touche. 

Tanya brings best practices and an innovative approach to all of her work whether she is designing, implementing and measuring sustainable growth strategies or working collaborating to deliver practical real-time solutions. 

Prior to joining Training For Results, Tanya held a senior position at Tokai Financial Services. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration.  Tanya’s combination of expertise in business, best practices in leadership development, and coaching sets her apart from other consultants in the marketplace.



Frances Hoover, MBA has over 20 years of experience in planning and implementing offensive and defensive strategies that will help your agency attain its goals.  Fran uses strategic planning coupled with our change model to align all departments, technologies, process’ and human capital with your goals and requirements. Ms. Hoover maps strategy goals to support accountability and performance excellence at all levels of your agency.

As an entrepreneur and business owner Fran understands the need for sustainable growth and continuous process improvement.  Frances has held leadership positions at Citibank MasterCard & Visa, Bertelsman Music Group and the Hoover Agency. Fran teaches Finance in the MBA program at Eastern University. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Columbia Business School.

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