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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Job Coaching Services

Training For Results believes one of the most effective strategies for ensuring clients will be successful on the job is to assign a job coach to work side-by-side with the client.  We believe this assistance will help ease the employee's transition into his/her work environment. 

Our Job Coach will assist the newly hired or existing client with learning the job tasks, while simultaneously ensuring the employer’s expectations for productivity are met. The coach remains at the job site until the client is assured that he or she can, in fact do the job, and do it well.


Training For Results provides tutoring support services to ensure clients are successful in completing their class in a mainstream educational or training facility.   We will along with the assigned counselor determine the needs of the client. Our consultants are experienced in tutoring, teaching, creating practice testing, creating alternative instructional materials, using and practicing with clinets on equipment.  We meet with instructors and/or support staff to monitor progress.

Vocational Training Services: Customer Service

Customer Service is the backbone of any organization. Our Customer Service Training modules help clients prepare for an entry level position in the Customer Service Industry.  

Our training modules are based on practicing and doing. 70% of our Customer Service workshops have participants thinking, debating, coming to conclusions, practicing and getting feedback in real time. This is advantageous to all learners, but especially helpful to those with disabilities because there will be immediate realization that they ‘can do’. Our materials are based upon scenarios, role-plays and case studies. Games and simulations are used to drive our points home and to help adults learners internalize information. Our classes are designed for those individuals desiring to be front line service providers.


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